Sometimes a family needs a helping hand, a way to help themselves so that they can build a better life.

Housing instability—including frequent moves, overcrowding, rent increases and the threat of eviction—creates stress, depression and a feeling of hopelessness for far too many families in the San Gabriel Valley.

Jesus, Teresa, and their four young children were displaced during the housing crisis in the early 2000s. With no place else to go, they were forced to move into a one-bedroom apartment where their four children slept in the bedroom while the parents slept in the living room. The family learned about San Gabriel Valley (SGV) Habitat for Humanity from a flyer sent home from the children’s school and decided to apply. Little did they know, that simple flyer would provide the family their first encounter with the organization that would help them find long-term financial security.

Early in 2006, a committee from SGV Habitat knocked on the family’s door with flowers and gave them the news of a lifetime: they had qualified to help build their own home and become homeowners! Since moving into their Habitat home in 2007, Jesus, Teresa, and their children have thrived.

“Being in my home has given me a stability I never imagined I could have. It has allowed my children to fulfill dreams without worrying about needing to move again,” said Teresa.

With a new member in the family, their granddaughter Gia, they could not be more grateful for the SGV Habitat model that helped them build their new home. Not only are they able to provide a stable, secure and loving environment for Gia, but the actual structure of their home serves as a reminder of the countless hours and dedication that were put into it by the community and their future neighbors.

Because of the impact that SGV Habitat for Humanity has had on their lives, Jesus and Teresa have been able to achieve the safety and stability of a decent, affordable home for generations to come. The family volunteers, donates, and participates with the Habitat community regularly. They may not remember the names of all of the people who helped them build their home, but there is no shortage of gratitude! All the family wanted and needed was a place for them to grow together—a place they owned, a place where rent increases were no longer a threat.

Please help today! Every gift brings families closer to a secure future.

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