San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity (SGV Habitat) Home Repair program helps low-income homeowners alleviate health and safety issues on and around their home by offering a 0% interest home improvement loan. Repairs are completed using professional and/or volunteer labor. Homeowners pay for these repair services through an affordable repayment plan. Repayment funds are used to assist future low-income homeowners in need of home repairs.


  • Applicant(s) must own a property within the SGV Habitat service area
  • The property must be owner-occupied and the primary residence of all owners on title
  • The property must be an eligible property; owner-occupied Single Family Residences (SFR), manufactured homes, condominiums, townhomes, or duplexes
    • Multi-family dwellings larger than two units (apartment buildings, triplex, etc.), homes used as rental units, boats, and recreational vehicles (RVs) are not eligible
  • The property must be inhabitable and without any unpermitted or illegal additions
  • Homeowner(s) must be current with the following:
    • Mortgage loan payment (if homeowner is still making payments)
    • Homeowner’s insurance policy
    • Property taxes
  • Applicants who own multiple real estate properties are not eligible
  • The property must demonstrate a need for repair within the Affiliate’s capacity
  • Household income must be below 80% of the area median income (AMI) for Los Angeles County as indicated by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) within the given year applied. See table below for current maximum income limits based on household size
  • Homeowner(s) must agree to pay for repairs through a 0% interest SGV Habitat home improvement loan secured by a silent lien against the property


  • Groups of volunteers help homeowners with exterior maintenance
  • This typically includes painting, minor exterior repairs, landscaping, weatherization, and exterior clean-up
  • Habitat selects partner families based on income, need, and willingness to partner
  • In addition to volunteers, Habitat uses donated materials and makes no profit
  • Repayment options are available at 0% interest
  • All work is supervised by qualified construction leaders


  • Family income must be no more than 80% of Area Median Income (HUD guideline)
  • Homes must be owner-occupied
  • Scope of work must match project and program resources
  • All able-bodied homeowners and residents of the home are required to work alongside volunteers; a minimum of 8 hours of Sweat Equity is required
  • Homeowners are expected to be cooperative partners with San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity staff and volunteers
  • Interested homeowners must complete and submit a Repair Program Application under the “Apply”  button to the left of this page

2017 Adjusted Household Income Limits (HUD GUIDELINE)

  • 1 person household…………….$50,500
  • 2 person household…………….57,700
  • 3 person household…………….64,900
  • 4 person household…………….72,100
  • 5 person household…………….77,900
  • 6 person household…………….83,650
  • 7 person household…………….89,450
  • 8 person household…………….95,200

Based on the 2017 Los Angeles County figures and are subject to change.


  • Helps families to live in safe and well-maintained homes
  • Keeps homeowners in their homes and protects their initial investment
  • Restores the homeowners’ dignity and pride of homeownership


The program is designed to revitalize the appearance of the neighborhood, encourage connections within the community, and preserve affordable housing stock.