Building a strong foundation for a brighter tomorrow Decent shelter is something we all need to thrive. And the years have shown us again and again what a strong foundation a Habitat house can be for a family.

Marco and Sandra are the proud parents of two boys—Marcos and Daniel. Marco and Sandra worked hard to ensure a bright future for their sons, but the substandard conditions in which they lived were holding them back. Marco and his oldest son had severe allergies and respiratory problems due to the mold growing inside their rented house. And outside, the unsafe neighborhood added additional challenges for the family. Try as they might to move elsewhere, there was nothing they could afford. They had exhausted all their options.

In 2008, Sandra saw a San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity flyer at her local library and decided to apply for the homeownership opportunity. After many attempts to find better housing, Marco doubted anything would come of their application. This time, the outcome was different—they had qualified to help build their own home and become homeowners! “This house has changed everything for us,” said Sandra. “I can provide for my family and we finally feel secure.” Almost immediately, Marco and Sandra’s family saw big changes thanks to their new home—

  • Their allergies and respiratory problems disappeared. Their sons’ grades improved.
  • Their family became life-long friends with their new neighbors. Marco and Sandra found financial stability.

“San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity helped us build more than just a home,” says Marco. “Habitat helped us build a community.”

Marcos and Daniel now have bright futures. Marcos has since graduated high school and college. He’ll soon complete his doctorate in chiropractic medicine.

“Thanks to this house,” said Marcos, “I can be successful.” Daniel is a United States Marine and college student. “This house literally made me a better person,” said Daniel.

Thanks to their home, Marco and Sandra have created a better life for themselves and their family.

This holiday season, your gift will help 54 more families build or improve a place they can call home just like Marco and Sandra. Your donation today will change the course of a family’s life forever.

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