Invest yourself in creating opportunities for hardworking families in Southern California’s San Gabriel Valley to become homeowners. Maximize your gift by donating stock. 

The benefits of a stock donation are two-fold: not only is the contribution tax-deductible—which would also be the case with a check—but you pay no capital gains tax on the appreciated value of the stock.

For example, if you were to contribute stock, bonds or mutual funds currently worth $2,500 – that had been purchased years ago for $500 – the full $2,500 would be tax-deductible and you would pay no tax on the $2,000 gain. If you donate the stock, you get to claim the entire $2,000 as a deduction on your taxes and you don’t have to pay any capital gains tax! Another example, if you bought a stock 10 years ago for $1,000, and now they are worth $2,000. If you simply sell the shares, you have a capital gain of $1,000. If you fall into a tax bracket where you pay the 15 percent capital gains tax rate, you will owe $150 in taxes on that gain. That tax bill will partially offset any benefit you received from donating cash to the SGV Habitat.

To donate stocks or bonds, please inform your broker that our investment account is with:
David Bland or Karen Moreno
(213) 620-1850

  • DTC #0361
  • Account Name: San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity
  • Account #80393991

For more information or for answers to your questions, please contact Sayaka Ota, Accountant, at or by calling (626) 387-6899 x14.

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