Homebuyer Education

Families selected for SGV Habitat’s homeownership program learn much more than just how to build their home. Future homebuyers are required to participate in a minimum of 65 hours of Homebuyer Education and non-construction activities during the construction process. Homebuyer Education sessions are two-hour evening meetings that cover a wide range of topics designed to transition participants from being tenants to successful homeowners.

Future homebuyers learn financial literacy skills such as budgeting, savings, learning how credit works, comparison shopping, retirement planning, and how to avoid financial threats such as scamming, predatory lending, and identity theft. Additional topics cover nutrition, healthy living, end-of-life planning, home maintenance, community engagement and advocacy, and skills for participating in civic decision-making. Presentations are given by volunteers who are in their field. Through SGV Habitat’s Family Services, future and current homebuyers receive additional assistance, referrals, and information based on individual needs.

SGV Habitat also provides a four-session Tools for Successful Living series conducted by the Stafford Life Coaching team, Bill & Irene Stafford. These workshops help homebuyers develop lifelong skills such as self-awareness, empathy, effective communication, conflict resolution, decision making, personal organization, and goal-setting.

If you would like to share your homeownership knowledge and be a Homebuyer Education Guest Speaker, please contact Marty McBride, Family Services Coordinator, at 626-387-6899, extension 25.