With your help, San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity is heading to completion of its 79th home: 62 previously completed through twelve developments; nine in Pasadena (Desiderio Homes) with construction starting in May 2016; six in Glendale (Lomita Homes) with construction starting in June 2017; and two more in Pasadena (Manzanita Homes) which will start production in 2018. Additionally, San Gabriel Valley Habitat has completed repairs on 31 homes through the Home Repair program. Currently, over 426 men, women and children are living in decent, affordable housing built and repaired by our local affiliate, and approximately 50 more will join these ranks when pipeline builds are completed.

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New affordable homes in Glendale

The dream of homeownership for three low-income families living in substandard housing comes a step closer March 15th when San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity breaks ground for the Chestnut Homes in Glendale. The lucky homebuyers will participate in the ceremonies from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 806 Chestnut Street.

The detached three-bedroom, 2-½ bath homes with two-car garages will rise three stories on the 7,000 square-foot lot with a 50-foot frontage. This is the eighth Habitat development in Glendale. City will hold silent second trust deeds for the land upon which the homes will be built.

Director of Housing at the City of Glendale Peter Zovak says the city understands the importance of creating a healthy and inclusive community. “Our city is fortunate to have developers and funding to help build affordable housing in Glendale. San Gabriel Valley Habitat has been one of the premiere developers that help accomplish this mission.”

The three families screened and selected by SGV Habitat are first-time buyers who will not only make payments on a 0% mortgage but also contribute 500 hours of “sweat equity” in building their homes and those of their future neighbors. They also will become long-term partners with SGV Habitat to help others with low incomes (less than 80% of the median income of the area) realize the dream of homeownership.



The Geneva Homes build involved the development of five (5) new affordable homes at 624 Geneva Street for qualified low-income, first-time homebuyers. San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity is able to provide this development through volunteer labor, donated materials, and private/corporate donations. The Habitat Family Selection Committee received 60 applications for the Geneva homes. Of the applications received, five (5) fortunate families were selected and are given the opportunity to become first-time homebuyers of the Geneva homes. The five (5) families chosen by the Family Selection Committee are based on their relative level of need for decent housing, their willingness to become partners in the San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity program, and their ability to repay the loan. Each unit has 3 bedrooms, 1-½ bathrooms, living room and a laundry room with approximately 1,200 sq. ft. of living space. Representatives from San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity and the Housing Authority of the City of Glendale made brief presentations about the development of the build.



The 11-home condominium development at 711-717 North Kenwood Street is the most sophisticated urban development to be undertaken by our affiliate. Each home has a two-car semi-subterranean garage, and the three-bedroom, 1 ½-bath units rise two stories above the garages. Two of the units have been modified for handicap accessibility.

Before entering into a Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) with the Glendale Housing Authority and the Department of Housing and Community Development, SGV Habitat for Humanity was required to raise $1.1 million. A successful fundraising campaign in 2006 allowed the affiliate to move ahead with construction, and ground was broken for the new homes on October 8, 2007. Construction was completed June 5, 2010.

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The City of Monrovia initiated a partnership with San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity to build four new homes at 1214-1218 Sherman Avenue in Monrovia. Groundbreaking took place in the fall of 2008 and the homes were dedicated on March 6, 2010. This build was accomplished in partnership with City of Monrovia.

  • One family no longer has to wake the children up at an unreasonable hour for a long commute to school and friends can finally come over to play without special arrangements made.
  • A family of five will finally get a home to themselves and not have to rent out two rooms in a three bedroom house. This will provide them with the safety and space they have so desperately wanted.



Three more condominium homes were built at Palmer Avenue and Cottage Grove. The development was launched at a groundbreaking ceremony on February 11, 2006, and the homes were dedicated on September 15, 2007.

This fifth development in Glendale was made possible through a continuing partnership with the Glendale Housing Authority and the Department of Housing and Community Development. Disney Worldwide Services, Inc. was a major supporter for this development donating $100,000, and Citibank provided a $25,000 sponsorship.

The three Palmer families regularly partner with SGV Habitat for Humanity in the spirit of giving back to others. They are delighted to welcome visitors on Habitours who want to learn more about the Habitat for Humanity homeownership program.

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A fourth Glendale development was built on Pacific Avenue. Groundbreaking was in February 2004, and the four new homes were dedicated on November 19, 2005. This build was accomplished in partnership with City of Glendale’s Department of Housing and Community Development and the Glendale Housing Authority. Families for this development moved in in November 2005.

After the move, one new homeowner gratefully exclaimed, “Now all of our family can sit down together at the dinner table at one time!

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Three more condominiums on Gardena Street in Glendale were completed in October 2003. This build, too, was made possible by partnering with City of Glendale’s Department of Housing and Community Development. In November 2003 the families for this development moved in.

  • A family of seven was previously confined to a one-bedroom home wondering if they would ever be able to afford a home of adequate size. Thanks to their partnership with Habitat for Humanity, they finally have the space they so desperately needed.
  • A single mother of three girls was working hard to give her daughters a better life. Thanks to the Habitat for Humanity program she is now able to offer her three girls a safe haven to come home to every day.

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Four condominiums were built on Orange Street in Glendale. This build was started in March 2001 and completed in January 2002. Once again, the build was made possible through a partnership with City of Glendale’s Department of Housing and Community Development. The Lund Foundation donated $90,000 towards construction of this development. Families for this development moved in in January 2002.

  • All four of these families previously lived in one-bedroom homes under extremely crowded conditions. One of these families also lived in unsafe conditions due to their landlord’s unwillingness to fix plumbing and electrical problems. These families now have much to be grateful for – they have their own bedrooms and do not have to worry about coming home to unsanitary and dangerous living conditions.

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The fourth San Gabriel Valley Habitat build took place in the City of El Monte where three separate houses were constructed on Burkett Street. Construction began in April 2000, and the new houses were ready for the families by March 2001. San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity partnered in this development with the City of El Monte Department of Housing and Community Development. Three families were selected as home buyers in January 2000, and they moved into their new homes in March 2001:

  • A family of six lived in a one-room garage with no cooking facilities which forced them to use the kitchen facilities from the main house. This family now enjoys the benefits of having their own kitchen as well as their own bedrooms.
  • Another family consisting of four people lived in a tiny converted one-bedroom garage which had mildew. They now live in a home where health concerns are no longer an issue.



The largest build ever undertaken by our affiliate was in the City of Duarte. This development was located on Euclid Avenue in Duarte and consisted of 16 condominium homes. Building began in July 1995 and was completed in March 1998. Major support for this development came from the County of Los Angeles Community Development Commission. Due to the complexity and size of this development families moved in as the homes were completed. The first group of families moved in in June 1996 with the last group of families moving in in October 1998. The lives of these home buyers were truly changed through Habitat homeownership:

  • A family of five was forced to spread out and live in different locations because the entire family could not fit in the trailer where they previously lived. This family desperately tried to find an affordable home where they could all be together but with high rents it was impossible. If it were not for Habitat, this family would still be scattered and unable to afford a home to reunite their family.
  • Another family of five was forced to share a four-bedroom house with three other families. This family now has a home where they each have a space for work, study and rest.
  • Two families previously lived in converted garages in order to provide shelter for their families .Habitat gave these families the opportunity to provide a more adequate and stable home for their children.
  • Four families, two consisting of five people and two consisting of six people formerly lived in one-bedroom apartments allowing no room for personal privacy. These parents and their children now have bedrooms and quiet places to do homework.
  • A single mother and her four children lived in a rundown one-bedroom apartment with electrical problems. She was unable to move out due to the high cost of safer rental units.. Habitat gave this mother the opportunity to provide her children with a decent home.

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The second San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity development was a four-unit condominium complex on Allen Street in Glendale.

Construction started in October 1994 and was finished in April 1995. These homes were built in partnership with the City of Glendale Department of Community Development and Housing.

Four families moved in on May 1, 1995:

  • A husband and wife with three children, one of whom was handicapped. They previously lived in a very small home with insufficient space for the special equipment their handicapped child needed. Habitat made their home handicapped accessible to better accommodate their special child’s needs.
  • Two other families consisting of five people previously were cramped in one-bedroom apartments due to their inability to afford safer shelter. To one of these families, this was the least of their worries because they lived in constant fear for their children’s safety as their neighborhood was very dangerous. Upon, moving to their new home these concerned parents gained peace of mind knowing that their children are now in a safe neighborhood.
  • Another family of five previously lived in a poorly insulated home which left this family vulnerable and exposed to outside weather conditions.



The first Habitat houses built by our affiliate are on Maple Street in Pasadena. Construction started in January 1991, and two families moved in upon completion of the homes in June 1992.This was the first Habitat for Humanity home built in Los Angeles County. The new home buyers were:

  • A single mother working hard to make a good life for herself and her two children. She wished for nothing more than to be able to provide a stable home and safe environment for her children and all this was made possible when she was selected as a Habitat home buyer.
  • A family with four children who were living in a one-bedroom home which had been damaged in the Northridge earthquake. They wanted better living conditions for themselves and their four children who were forced to sleep in the living room due to their overcrowded housing situation. Without Habitat for Humanity, owning a home was but a dream for this family and escaping the substandard living conditions they lived under would have been impossible.